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Pro Benefits

Persist Tabs

Individual control over each tab card whether it is persistent or temporary.

By default, any tabs that you set aside are temporary i.e. the tab card is deleted once it is restored. Now you can set any tab card to be persisted by simply checking the 'Persist' checkbox.

This comes in handy for tabs that you open a lot, for example, a set of tabs that you fire up every single morning when you start work. Without this feature, you would have to remember to set these tabs aside at the end of your workday or else they will be lost.

All persisted tabs are shown before temporary ones in the list. You can switch a tab back to being temporary by unchecking the 'Persist' checkbox.

Name Tabs

Give a name to a tab card to identify and make sense of it.

Although a preview of 3 tabs is shown on each tab card, many times it is not enough as it does not convey the purpose of those tabs. You could have set aside 18 tabs some time ago but just looking at the first 3 tab names shown on the card may not be enough to tell you what you were using them for.

This is where this feature comes to the rescue. You can optionally give a name to any tab card whenever you want.

Performance Improvements

Improved performance of Restore functionality in pro version.

On-Demand Sync

Set tabs aside on one device and restore them on another device. Yes, that is not a fantasy.
(Feature in early development*)


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